Close to finished!

There is nothing more boring than quilting a grid. And whose fault is it that I was stuck sewing straight line after straight line after straight line? Well, my own fault, of course!

Cyano 17

But that’s all I wanted for the background of this piece. And then I covered it up!

Cyano 19

This is almost done. There are a couple of little text details I want to add, but it’s a simple process and a simple design seemed appropriate.

However, here’s a word of caution for you. DO NOT make a mistake on something that is dark colored and fused to a heavy stabilizer. Look at the arrows to see where I changed my mind about the quilting and took it out. Little white dots, but I used the piece anyway. I convinced myself that the dots added texture!

Cyano 18

This is going to be part of a larger project, curated by Karen Musgrave. Can’t wait until we have shows to announce!


8 thoughts on “Close to finished!

  1. Did you try moistening the fabric where the holes are and then just lightly manipulating the holes closed? Sometimes that works. Harder on fused stuff but I have managed it!


    • Yep–didn’t make a bit of difference. I even pulled part of it away from the fusing and tried to manipulate the holes but they were still visible. Decided it wasn’t crucial to the piece to try and re-make that section.


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