New beading tricks…

Our wonderful local beading expert put on another great class for us today! We concentrated on embroidery stitches with beads and I did not take pictures because I was concentrating on embroidery stitches with beads! We saw how different things looked with more, closer beads sewn with beading thread, or the look with more floss/thread showing for decorative puposes. Not having done embroidery for many, many years, I had forgotten how many options there are!

Then we went on to peyote beading to cage a cabachon. I’ve tried this before with less than stellar results so I was eager to try it again, in hopes that I could do better. Well, I understand the process much more clearly now, but I did not do so well in the execution.

The idea is to create a snug wall around the stone with beads. Take a look at this picture. The arrows point out how the wall is supposed to be building (it’s not done, yet!).

Peyote 1

This side looks pretty good, but I pushed the beads up into position just for the picture! As we look at the other side, there is way, waaaaay too much slack and the beads are spread out so far they are laying on the fabric!

Peyote 2

Not good!

I already asked for help from the expert! Here are my options:  Start over–not my first choice! Do a round by skipping some beads for a decrease–very do-able. I can also try doing a couple of rows of smaller beads rather than just one finishing round of teeny, tiny size 15 beads. Do you remember when I said that I’d never, ever use beads that small? Hmmmm-never say never!

I think what I’m going to try is one round of skip-a-bead and then a round of size 15 beads and see what it looks like. And if I have to start all over, it’s not the end of the world. My philosophy on that is that I enjoyed beading/knitting/quilting it the first time and I’m sure I’ll enjoy doing it the second (third? fourth?) time, too.

Unfortunately, I may not get back to it for a day or so because of some other things that HAVE  to be done. That also means I may not post again for a couple of days, but I will let you know how this turns out as soon as I get it done!

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6 thoughts on “New beading tricks…

  1. It is so pretty. You’ll get it soon and wonder what all the fuss was about. It’s all in the decrease and tension. I like silamide thread better than nymo.
    It will be fun to see it finished.
    LeeAnna Paylor


    • Can’t wait for Sunday now…that should be my next opportunity to do some concentrated beading. And I use Fireline almost exclusively because of the eclectic nature of the beading I normally do. I haven’t tried silamide, but don’t like nymo that much.


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