Untitled, but finished

This is the piece I designed to put this great cabachon on. The quilting and corded binding is done–the piece is finished. However, I don’t know if I want it to be a wall hanging or if I want to mount this part on a canvas.

Peyote cab

And if I mount it on a canvas, do I want it to be a standard side, which gives an uneven frame, or should I search for one that corresponds more proportionately to the piece?

16x20 Peyote cab 11x18 Peyote cab

Or doesn’t it really matter?

And I don’t usually have a problem naming a piece, but this one eludes me. Suggestions are very welcome!


16 thoughts on “Untitled, but finished

  1. I really like this piece, it reminds me of a stream with a very large rock in the center which makes the waters flow around it. The yellow stripes look like foliage along the stream. The name I think this piece should be called….”flow free” or “free flowing”. The seams around the cabachon is what names this piece. You do awesome work…..


    • Thank you so much, Karen. I very much was thinking of flows of some type running around the ‘rock.’ Maybe the name should just be Flow…don’t know!

      On Sun, Sep 15, 2013 at 10:58 AM, Quirks Ltd.


    • I never try to make something look like something, so I’m really happy when something turns out that way! And, of course, I have to say ‘what if’—what if I turned it sideways?

      On Fri, Sep 13, 2013 at 10:28 AM, Quirks Ltd.


  2. When I have an uneven piece, I paint a rectangle in the middle of a canvas just big enough to frame the piece. It can be any color that would accent it. Then, I paint the surrounding area black. This frames the artwork. It works like a frame within a frame. I think this piece would work well for this system. If you don’t want to paint the canvas, wrap it with a fabric, and just mount it in the middle. Make sure your canvas is about 3 inches bigger than you piece on any one side and then frame it. This will make it look even. Experiment with positioning it more to the top than the bottom. This is how they frame artwork. More space at bottom than top.


    • Another good idea that I certainly would not have thought of! I always want a narrow width around my piece when I mount it on canvas, but the frame within a frame idea gives me lots more leeway in the size of canvas I use. I’ve wrapped a lot in fabric, often quilted fabric. I like that better than paint, but if I decide to do a series, it’s easier to paint a consistent canvas look. Food for thought…


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