Bright ideas!

And I literally mean bright! My lawn chairs are getting old and in need of maintenance. I decided that I was finally going to paint them instead of stain them this time. I had forgotten what a pain in the rear it is to work with all those slats!

But I knew I wanted something bright, and I was thinking like maybe a nice turquoise. Frankly, I blame–or is it credit?– my color choice on Melody Johnson. I read her blog, love her work and love her bright colors. I ended up with a lime green so bright that even my grandson said you need to put your sunglasses on when you look at it! He wanted red.

AJ painting chairs 3But he helped me start the painting and we had lots of fun.

It takes a bit longer than I remembered from the last time I stained it. I’ve got two coats on all the ‘bottom’ stuff and this afternoon I should be able to get started on the ‘top’–the stuff that shows.

So this is my creative life for the next couple of days.

Lawn chairs

It’s such a happy color. I really do love it!!!


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