Workshop report!

Fabric manipulation has only been of mild interest to me before this weekend. Even though I try different things and add embellishments galore, that is always on the surface of nice, flat fabric. After my workshop with Vikki Pignatelli this weekend, I think there will be a lot of scrunching and inserting and twisting and pleating and…and…and…

She showed us so many things that I surely would never have imagined on my own. And some things I had seen before, or similar to what she showed, but it was just bits and pieces in my head. Nothing to really explore. Vikki puts it all together in her pieces and what she demonstrated started to link random elements in my head and make me ready to embrace fabric manipulation and EXPLORE.

She showed and then we had time to practice and play. And then she showed some more and we had a bit of practice time. Those bits of practice time only served to whet my appetite for more!

I spent my time primarily on doing contrast color inserts and pleats. And I started on a piece of scrunched fabric…which was not a fabric I loved.

VP workshop 2

I figure I can always save it by what ‘stuff’ I put on it. Maybe NOT in this case, but it’s good to practice on something you don’t care about. That way if something doesn’t work, you don’t care. It’s just practice.

I practiced a bit more on fabric that had not been scrunched and now I feel quite comfortable doing those inserts.

VP workshop 1

I’m ready to look back at the handouts with fresh eyes and practice more of the techniques. When I read the book again, it will come with a mental picture of how to do whatever it is I’m trying to explore. Can’t wait for more studio time in which to do that!

I need to change my priorities, I think. Studio time first and duties, obligations, other commitments…eh-they can wait!!!

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    • I really never used her book after I got it, but now that I’ve seen how to do things up close and personal, I think I’ll use her techniques a bit more. Love adding to the artist toolbox!

      On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 11:08 AM, Quirks Ltd.


  1. Looks great! Vikki is such a talented teacher!, Looks llke those ugly fabircs have a good use in offsetting those brights. Expecting lovely things to come!


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