Ready to quilt

I have my next project ready to quilt…the baby quilt for my friend’s new grandbaby.


Now I just have the usual dilemna of what thread to use for the quilting…white? I have a nice lime green that matches the backing. Don’t have a well-behaved rainbow variegated, but that would be nice. And yellow always looks good on a bright color quilt…ah, decisions. Not the best part of a project for me, but I’m eager to get quilting! Decision will be made by the time the basting glue is dry!!!!


6 thoughts on “Ready to quilt

  1. I know it’s too late for this quilt but you can get some very nice Cotes and Clarks embroidery thread from JoAnn Fabrics that works beautifully for me in my machine. They have tons of yummy colors with variegated colors as well. Pretty sure there is a rainbow one. It quits up beautifully.


    • Haven’t tried that brand yet. I know that if it won’t work in the high speed machine, I can alwas use it in my trusty Bernina. And it seems to be a problem with operator error because no one else seems to have as much trouble with thread in their Brother machine as I do! If I find a rainbow variegted that works, I”ll buy a bunch, because that’s something I like to use a lot!


    • I have a hard time starting and stopping quilting. I tend to get obsessed with it until it’s all done! My sore muscles usually make me regret doing it that way, too!


  2. I am voting for yellow! Won’t be too obvious on the white, but will blend in well with the vibrant colors, and with the lime green back. I LOVE this quilt….would like to try doing these wonky blocks for a baby quilt, too. I went back to your April wonky quilt, like this one, but no instructions there for how you layer, cut, sew the wonky 9-patches. I’ll try layering two squares and cutting, then using parts to create block…should work
    Keep up the postings….highlight of my day, often.


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