Never seen before…

On our walk yesterday, we saw what looked like a ball off to the side of the path. I apologize for the poor photo, but it was a mushroom of some type that I have never seen before!

Giant fungus

I threw in my ‘dainty’ size 8 foot so that you can get an idea of how large this thing is! Amazing!

I believe it’s a puffball and a pretty common mushroom. I have just not seen one before.

And that’s why I love walking in the woods.


8 thoughts on “Never seen before…

  1. That is definitely a puffball. They have been showing some on tv larger than a basketball. Have usually seen them in yards.


  2. These have been all over the place this year. The first ones I saw, I thought were lawn ornaments in the peoples yard. They were all lined up in a straight row as though they were a continuation of their hedge row. There were about Eight of them and they were perfect little toad stools weighting for their gnomes! I should mention that I live right in the city. don’t feel bad, I had never seen anything like them either.


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