Choices, choices…

My plan is to start quilting the pile of class samples I have on a shelf…either myself, or having someone else quilt them. I don’t have a lot of emotional attachment to these, as they are not my original designs. I view them as utility quilts. Absolutely nothing wrong with them…just not special to my heart!

One way to use them is to finish and donate them for a good cause. I plan on doing that for a raffle for our guild, but which one shall I use? Which one will bring in the most money for our cause? Can I enlist your help in making that decision?

Not in any particular order, by the way. I don’t have a favorite at this point.


Raffle choice 1 Raffle choice 2


Raffle choice 3 Raffle choice 4


Raffle choice 5 Raffle choice 6


Raffle choice 7 Raffle choice 8

I’d really appreciate any input in helping me make this decision!


14 thoughts on “Choices, choices…

  1. If you are talking GAAQG probably 1 or 4. Love them all, but you have about half of the group who are pretty traditional.


      • Go with your gut reaction. I think that 1 will pull in large numbers also. Will your quilt be the main one? They often have the main one be more traditional and the others are more non-traditional. They need both kinds to bring in the most money.


  2. #1 would be my choice, for the colors are more flexible and universal. #2 might work as a “either/or baby quilt, since it has both pink and blue. #3 and #4 are both beautifully done, but I fine the bright blue in #3 to be too strong for my own taste. #4 is probably my 2nd choice but just would not fit in with my own decorating color scheme
    . The fabrics in all of these quilts are gorgeous and anyone receiving any of them would be very lucky!


    • No, raffle isn’t until next fall, but that’s a great idea for the pink one. Maybe I can find a breast cancer group that would like it for a raffle. Thanks!


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