Oh noooooo—busted!

Incorrect grammar, I know, but I’m just so sad that one of my cabochons dropped on the floor and broke.

Broken cab

I’m thinking about glue–maybe that clear resin stuff–and creating a new piece with space between the shards. It could be an interesting addition to a quilted piece and I sure can’t use this the way it is!

The catastrophe happened when I was trying to make decisions about finishing this piece.

Sunset 1

I’ve pretty much decided to add the square beads along with a square of the blue fabric. When I opened the bag of beads, the victim just seemed to leap onto the floor. Suicide is suspected.

Sunset 3

And why do I want this configuration? To echo this part of the fabric construction…

Sunset 2

Despite the tragedy, the project will go on. We will remember the original stone fondly and try to find a way to successfully use it in it’s damaged state. Even if that fails, I believe this will be the only memorial we shall hold for the errant stone. Sigh!

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18 thoughts on “Oh noooooo—busted!

    • This wasn’t a square one to start with, so a new artistic configuration should work just fine. I just need to eliminate the sharp edges and all I can think of that might work is that clear epoxy resin stuff. I’m all for experimentation!!!


  1. I hate to see artwork jump off a table, what drives them to it? Lack of ability to drink wine? A friend who carves stone had one jump off the table and shatter, but it’s becoming a better piece because of it. It’s going to work on your piece too. My dog ate my artwork this week, maybe it jumped into his mouth.
    LeeAnna Paylor


    • Perhaps it’s because we do so many things to our art—paint, stitch, cut, slash…we poke needles into stuff, for goodness sake. Perhaps simple viewing is not enough for pieces and they must jump onto the floor or even into a dog’s mouth!!!


  2. Sorry for the tragedy but really enjoyed your sense of humor Think positive. It will still be great piece and maybe be better for this tragedy = even more interesting..


    • There are other options for the piece, so it’s not really a great tragedy. I just hate to think that I actually paid good money for that stone and can’t use it. I will find a way!


  3. I think the broken pieces would look good on another piece if the fragments had quilting lines running between them…..maybe? Love this current piece, reminds me of those times when there are dramatic and beatiful storm clouds but we still the long for a cloudless blue sky.


    • That’s the feeling I got when I started working with the fabric. The stone fragments have such sharp edges that I’m just not sure they would be useable “as is”–I’ll be checking out all my options before I give up on them!


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