Georgia on my mind…

Taking a little vacation to Georgia and thinking about what projects will be portable enough to take with me.

I started this with my little art group. We decided to do a torn fabric piece. Started with a foundation covered with a fusible and created a piece using only torn fabric strips. My piece was 12 x 12 and I used Decor Bond as my fusible/stabilizer.

Welcome Jungle

I decided that I really love the torn, raw edges that resulted.

Welcome Jungle 1

Problems solved–lessons learned…

As you layer unfused fabric, you need to have some way to make it stick together. You can glue it down, try to stick small pieces of fusible under the unsecured parts, you can put netting over the piece, you can pin. What you cannot do is use pre-fused fabrics or you will not get those great torn edges.

My solution evolved because I didn’t see a good way to sew things together without losing pieces and I did not want to cover it up with netting. It was one of those Duh! moments again–I seem to have a lot of those! I covered the piece with water soluble stabilizer and stitched everything down. I didn’t have to worry about getting too close to the edges or shredding small pieces and the stabilizer did wash out. Good solution for the look I wanted to end with.

Now I just need to decide about beads or not, hand stitching or not and get the finishing pieces I need into a kit to take with me….

Maybe I’ll take some knitting!

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12 thoughts on “Georgia on my mind…

  1. I like the piece very much. The curved piece at the bottom adds a lot to the composition as do the blue pieces near the top. I always love loose threads in art quilts. Good job.


    • Thanks! I have an issue with ‘focal points’–I never seem to have a good one! I can’t wait to get home and get back to work, but the break has been very refreshing, too!

      On Fri, Oct 18, 2013 at 12:16 PM, Quirks Ltd.


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