Halloween month

In this household, we kind of celebrate Halloween throughout the entire month of October. I have a Halloween purse that I start carrying at the beginning of the month. I have decorations. I have a sweater with a big witch on the back. Now with the grandson, we are having even more fun…like this…

H'ween AJ 1

Halloween is special to us–it’s my husband’s birthday and also our anniversary. Let’s see–43 years now. Not too bad, eh?

I’ve also collected quite a bit of Halloween fabric over the years, because I’d like to make a Halloween quilt for everyone in the family. However, I’ve only made two so far and one is still waiting for the binding. The fabric has been taunting me lately, so I decided to be a bit more practical and make placemats. I have a wooden table now and use them all the time, so why not enjoy Halloween in the kitchen all month, too?

H'ween placemat 2   H'ween placemat 1

Quite simple–stack the fabrics right sides up. I used 8 because I wanted to make 8 mats! I cut a curved corner through the stack, moved the top fabric from one pile to the bottom and re-sewed the curve.

Next, I restacked and just sliced vertically through the pile, restacked the slices and sewed them up. Did not take process photos or I’d be showing you those…sorry.

Anyway, the fabrics aren’t screaming at me anymore and I get to have one more bit of Halloween decoration this month. Win-win!