Support the local economy!

That is a good attitude to have when you are a tourist. However, I am not as good a tourist/supporter as many others. We hit all the local thrift shops and many of the gift and antique shops. And, of course, if there is a quilt store or a yarn store or a bead store, they make the “Must Stop” list. But I’m not overly fond of shopping for shopping’s sake, and almost never buy from a ‘gift’ shop. Unusual items found anywhere might find a home with me, though.

After the first day of touristing around, I still hadn’t broken a $10 bill. But look what treasures I found…


A purse with a very unique shape…leather, in good shape and cheap! And as long as a purse has an outside pocket for my keys, I love it!

I also found a beautiful scarf and a shiny/sheer/ fancy dress to use when a piece calls for shiny/sheer/fancy! Fun stuff!

GA cabThe cabachon that I dropped and broke was easily replaced with this beautiful stone…and I already have a vision in my head for how I’m going to use it. That idea carried me over into slumberland one night and I still remembered it when I woke up, so it must be something I have to make!

I managed to find 3 fat quarters between 3 different stores that I just couldn’t live without.


A yarn store was having a huge moving sale, but I really didn’t want to wait in line to check out. It was a loooong line with fuuuulllll baskets, so I convinced myself that I didn’t need any of the beautiful wool.

Kid scissors

My grandson was not forgotten–children’s scissors so he can get cut right along with Nanna.

The best part was supporting the local bakery. Cro-nuts, doughnuts and pie…

Pie pan

Gone and the fork licked clean before the camera could even capture them! Yummmmmmmmy!

Vacation rocks!



2 thoughts on “Support the local economy!

  1. Glad you are enjoying your trip….but just where are you? The blue rock will be gorgeous, as will the shiny stuff…good picking! I dug daffodils that were desperate to get thinned. Oh, pieced a back for that Wonky quilt I made….and started quilting!! Will send photo when completed.


    • We are in north Georgia, right by the North Carolina border. It’s a lovely area and we have been coming here off and on since my sister and her husband found a house up here, almost 20 years, I think. Great at any time of the year!


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