Halloween Placemats

Family dinner is Tuesday night around here. And it’s October…that means my new Halloween placemats need to be used!

Halloween placemats 1

Formica tabletops didn’t seem to need them, but now I have an oak table so I use them all the time. Christmas ones are probably next on the agenda! And these were liked so well that I think more will be made for gifts…

These were made the same way I recently made over a hundred mug rugs–fast and easy. I wanted 8, so I stacked up 8 layers of Halloween fabric, right sides up.

Halloween placemats 3

Simply make random cuts through the pile and re-arrange the fabrics in each stack. Re-sew and you are set. OR stack again and make another cut or two.

Halloween placemats 4

This makes things look very complicated, but it’s really just that simple–stack, cut, rearrange and sew.

For those of you who like measurements…finished size of my placemats was aimed at about 12 x 17  and you need to account for seam allowances for every cut you make. My original stack of 8 fabrics was about 22 x 24 which was a bit too large, but I’d rather not have to worry about how many cuts I can make.

Halloween placemats 2

For finishing, I layer a piece of background fabric, a piece of felt or batting and the pieced top. I do simple quilting all over and the pieces are small enough that no basting is required. They are cut to size with a pinking blade on a rotary cutter and one last line of stitching goes around the edge. As they are used and washed, the edge gets soft and fluffy, like a rag quilt. If you prefer a more tailored look, you can bind the edges.

It truly is as simple as stack, cut, rearrange and sew! And now I have to go down to the studio and make some more! Fast, fun, easy and practical–perfect!

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  1. Beautiful liberated fun placemats! 100 mug rugs? Kerplunk. That was me just now falling over onto the floor! So, so happy to follow you from my blog to yours. We have such connections and its lovely to have this one, now! Thinking of you and sending a great big hug!


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