Is today a bling day?

I can’t decide if this piece is done or if it needs a little more bling.

Untitled torn 1

I gave it plenty of shiny thread.

Untitled torn 2

But does it need some beads? I’m just not sure…



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8 responses to “Is today a bling day?

  1. i think some beading would be a perfect addition. thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog–i love experimenting and glad you liked it.


  2. Gayle Kush

    I can see some staggered rows of stacked beads horizontally across the blue on the bottom. Either that or one of those “ruffles” in the middle of the large arch in the lighter blue strip. Asymmetrically placed of course.


  3. Judy Spahn

    Maybe because of the “drippy” looking effect of the fabric “strings” … some dangling beads, i.e. groups of beads strung together but secured only at one end, might be neat. They might show up better in units, too.

    Or, a different approach,…. maybe some larger single beads of shiny blue color, imitating rocks in the blue “watery” area at the bottom.
    Have fun deciding! Love the shiny threads you have already done.


  4. Yes, definately needs bling. But it may not show up too well in photos as the background is so colorful. At least, that is what happens to me all the time.