My Eyes Are Opened

Big thanks are due to one of my commenters–Laura in NC. I often like to check out those blogs of commenters who have links and Laura led me down a path about wool dyeing. Her blog had info and links and I travelled along a great trail of dyeing discovery. I’m borrowing a photo of wool that she dyed that totally inspires me.


I’m so glad that I have not dyed tons of wool, yet, because there are so many new (to me) ways of doing it.

Because of the heat involved in dyeing wool, I had only figured out how to do a single color at a time and only using my roasting pan.

Well……..there are as many ways to play with the wool dyeing as there have been with my cotton dyeing!

I absolutely can’t wait to do more dyeing now! It’s turning into a REAL adventure, and, of course, that means I am distracted away from what I have been working on. Well, my projects are used to waiting around between distractions until I eventually get back to them!

Oh, boy–I will get around to posting results later, but I may stay distracted and not have time to blog for a while!!! Hmmm…the smell of wet wool in the morning……dye pot, here I come!


4 thoughts on “My Eyes Are Opened

    • I’m just hoping I can come close to something like Laura’s piece. I love multi color fabric when I dye cotton and now can’t wait to try it with the wool! This is turning into a very fun adventure!


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