Curvy, twisty

Sycamore trees are abundant in my area.

Sycamore 2

They have huge leaves that I have used before, as stamps with paint.

They also have wonderful curvy, twisty branches that are especially delicious to look at after the leaves have fallen.

Sycamore 1

When I make curvy cuts in my work, or quilt twisty branches, I believe that I have been inspired by having access to the beautiful limbs of these trees.

Where does your inspiration come from?


2 thoughts on “Curvy, twisty

  1. There are two of these trees where I walk (well…when I do that) that are so huge you can’t reach the leaves if you tried. But they have some gorgeous bark that is to die for. I have not been able to get any good leaves from it because if they fall there is usually something wrong with them. Good reason to start walking again would be to get some
    I guess.


    • When the leaves fall, they are so huge and I’ve used them for stamping…wonderful! Coat them with USArtquest PPA for flexible preservation and use them over and over. If you can get a few, grab ’em! Imperfect ones are more interesting, too.


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