Wooly Rainbow

Wanted a rainbow of wool, so I used the three basic colors, from which all colors flow……..

Wooly Rainbow 1

Started with my light yellow wool, two full yards of it. I got it wet to be sure that the dye would spread, squeezed it into a long roll and laid it into the pan. I added enough water to just make the fabric squishy and heated it up to a simmer before I added the dye. Dumped the dye on randomly and squished it around just a bit to get it through all the fabric and then let it “cook”.

Wooly Rainbow2

I expected all the colors to spread and blend and create the entire color wheel…and they DID! Just look at what I got!

Wooly Rainbow3

I have no idea whatsoever what I’ll do with it, but I love it! Makes me really eager to continue with my dyeing experiments, but I think I’ll try to restrain myself and dye the whole rainbow of solid colors before I put them ALL on one piece of fabric again!

Ooooooh–how would shibori wool work?

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