Workshop Weekend

This past weekend was a workshop weekend for our quilt guild. We get to have these every other month and we get some fantastic teachers. November was for Gyleen Fitzgerald from Colourful Stitches. Her Friday class was all about making pineapple quilts from scraps, using her ruler. Students loved this class and said that, while it could be done without the ruler, it was so much easier and more accurate with the ruler. It’s nice to get recommendations from actual people using the actual tool!

Saturday’s lecture was all about color and not in the traditional color wheel format. I consider myself pretty good with color and I got a lot from her lecture! Especially regarding a working method and even a philosophy of design with color in mind.


This was the Sunday class, which I wasn’t able to take, though I really wanted to! I’m glad she had a pattern, even though I never use patterns anymore! The method and the instructions will be incorporated into my style of working. I had to pick up the guild stuff at the end of the day and got to see most of the student work–though of course I didn’t have my camera. Every student, no matter what fabric they used, produced a little quilt that was stunning! No kidding! Hand dyes, vintage fabric, wild prints–they were all different and gorgeous.

It’s not often that I can recommend a teacher so highly, but everything about Gyleen Fitzgerald was commendable. She was booked as a more “traditional” style of teacher, but has so much to offer for art quilts and modern quilters. It was a really good weekend for the Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild!


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  1. Aren’t we fortunate that we will have another opportunity to take a class from her when Gyleen teaches at the Sauder Village Quilt show at the end of April. I agree with you about the color lecture; I took a bunch of notes!


    • I totally enjoyed having her here and she’ll be back in our area in the spring so we can get another class with her then! She’s really good. If your guild does workshops, she’s worth the price to fly her out!

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