Finally Finished!

Yesterday was a marathon of sorts for me. I decided that I was very close to finishing the beading on my palm frond project and that I was going to GET IT DONE! It was a slow and steady kind of race as I also watched football and hockey on TV, had dinner, took a walk…that kind of stuff.

Here’s where I started…


And here’s what the finished beading looks like:

Frond beaded

I have a plan to add a border of bright colored fabric and perhaps some beaded fringe. Not too sure of that…it may be better to have all the beads contained within the border.

Frond border

Technical considerations–the main part is firm, with my favorite Sew Lazy Stiff Stuff interfacing. The border won’t need the extra support of the interfacing, but probaby will sag with the weight of the piece without it. So I have to figure out how best to securely attach it and quilt it. Since I didn’t figure out that I would be adding this border before I started, there was no plan in place. I’ll be winging it, but that’s how I usually work!!

What’s life without a challenge?



8 thoughts on “Finally Finished!

    • Decor Bond is not as thick as the Stiff Stuff–which is a more flexible Timtex-like product. I’ll just use more of that or a heavy Pellon. I’ve got plenty of both. It’s the weight of the beads that creates the issue. Glad you think it looks good with the border!


  1. How about attaching the interfacing to the border after it’s sewn on using either wonder under or Misty Fuse? If you are going to quilt it any way that would anchor it first at least and you would be able to butt it up against the seam allowance so it wouldn’t be too bulky there.


    • Hadn’t thought of that. I was thinking I’d zig-zag the interfacing to the edge of the main piece and then add the borders. Hmmm…I am a big fan of fusible. Thanks for another angle to investigate!

      On Sun, Nov 24, 2013 at 10:10 AM, Quirks Ltd.


  2. Beading turned out great! Piece still looked unfinished until I saw the border fabric next to it…..perfect!! Good luck with stiff stuff challenge. I know you’ll get it figured out and you will share, which is why we all stay tuned to your site! Happy TG to you.


    • Unfinished–that’s the correct word for the piece without the borders. And I had originally thought to face the edges and finish it without a border. To me, it really needs those borders!


  3. Wow, just wow! Now, question for you. Do you hand sew each bead on, or use glue? I have done both and the are still time consuming and hard on stiff, aging fingers! As for challenges, my entire life has had one after another. I, for one would like one good, fun, easy day once in a while πŸ˜‰ Big hug to you. Being creative does have it own heart filling rewards, thank goodness πŸ™‚ And it helps to push the sadness back, best of all!


    • My beading is all hand sewn. I would never trust glue and I like the suppleness still available in a sewn piece. And I guess it’s the challenges that keep us going. But I do hope you can have more than ” one good, fun, easy day once in a while ;-)”—a lot of them, in fact! Hugs back at ya!


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