Making progress

Thanksgiving day and there will be no time for sewing today. I’m in the midst of cooking and visiting with the family and eating and having a great day. Of course, rather than cleaning and baking ahead of time, I bought some pies and ran a quick vacuum around the center of the living room! I spent time working on beading projects this week instead…and I don’t even feel guilty about it!

I’m making progress on this little piece. I thought it was going to be a simple little two color piece, but it’s taking more work than many larger pieces I’ve made. It needed work. Thanks to suggestions in my comments, I’ve added some more hand stitching and now I’m adding some dark beads.

Desert sky progress 1

It looks better than it did. Much more interesting. I have more to do and I may never be satisfied with this one, but at least I’m liking it better now than a few days ago.

Desert sky progress 2

If I do happen to get a bit of free time, this is what I’ll be picking up and working on. Fun and frustrating at the same time, not knowing where I’m going to end up!

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