We are a sports loving family, especially hockey and football. Thanksgiving always includes the Lions’ football game, at least for as long as I can remember. We don’t actually GO to the game…that might interfere with the after dinner food coma napping! This year my grandson came well-prepared!

Football and hockey 1

Ready to go, right down to the socks!

Friday was hockey. Red Wings on TV and Mr. AJ in the backyard.

Football and hockey 4

The football helmet came in handy there, too.

Football and hockey 2

It’s kind of hard to see when the helmet falls down over your eyes!

Football and hockey 3

And still smiling after a long, hard game!

The weekend also includes college hockey (Mom and Nanna went to that game!) and college football (Dad and Mom, in a sea of humanity!) while we play more hockey in the backyard. We’re trying to get Uncle Greg and Aunt Casey to play some hockey with us, but they keep resisting!

It’s so much fun to have family around, but Poppa and Nanna are planning on a long day of nothing to round out the weekend on Sunday! Even the studio should be resting that day, ’cause Nanna may be all tuckered out!