Bits and pieces…

Holiday time and the studio is not where I get to spend much time. It’s not like I’m crazily trying to create art work for gifts, or even for craft shows–I don’t do either of those anymore! It’s just that there seem to be so many errands to run and there is shopping that must be done. (I hate shopping, by the way!) We have even had a bunch of doctor appointments to finish the year with annual check ups–as long as our deductibles were already paid! It just seems like we haven’t been home much lately and my lack of items to show you reflects that.

Know what this is? Pieces lacking only labels to be totally finished, and yet, there they sit!

NO labels

This is another just-finish-it project. Five minutes at the most to glue it together and yet, there it sits.

Mount piece

I did manage to start a few postcards for an exchange that I said I’d participate in. I’m not sure if these first ones are done or not.

Postcards 1

They are on a heavy, handmade paper and my goal is to have stitching on the paper. Simple designs should work better than anything else.

Postcards 2

I know that there is more to be done on these two, but I’ve at least made a start on the project. I AM really a fabric person, though, not a paper person. I’m not very confident with the paper! It’s fun but not my deep, down happy place!

It must just be the holiday season. I’d like to begin a couple of bigger projects, but I’m not doing too well in the focus department. Tiny snippets of time are not working for what I wish to get done. I believe I just need to take a step back, relax and think about what needs to be done. Then I’ll be better able to focus on what I want to get done when I do get time in the studio.

That sounds like a good reason to sit on the couch in front of the TV and knit tonight!


2 thoughts on “Bits and pieces…

  1. After TG, we all need some down time. Knitting is good! Love the cards you have in progress…esp. the ones with leaves. They all look “Done” to me. Also really like the sparkly stitching on the piece in 2nd photo. What has to be glued?


    • The sparkly one has dicro fibers over the top and still needs work. The glue needs to hold the stretched canvas and quilt together. It seems to make small work more “real” to some people. Knitting and resting seem to be fine ideas right now, don’t they?


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