Winter slowdown

The cold weather really has made me take things a bit more slowly. I’m a bit more reluctant to go out and take my walks, ’cause it’s COLD out there! I’m more likely to sit and knit something than go down to the studio and sew…it’s COLD down there. At least it feels colder, unless I’m concentrating hard on something. Then I don’t even notice!

I just seem less likely to be creative at this time of year. It’s busy with holiday stuff and my free time seems like it needs to be devoted to rest and relaxation. I’m finally old enough and wise enough to indulge myself in some of that rest and relaxation. Hectic holidays are now to be avoided and I like it that way.

Finishing up a few things–those annoying final details–that’s about my speed for the month of December. I finished up my postcards for the upcoming exchange. My only objective was to have some sewing through the paper on each one.

Post xchange1

Once I found an idea that I liked, I just kept making similar cards and I’m happy with them. I’m glad there was an ‘extra’ in the package for one to keep, because I really made one that is AWFUL! Didn’t matter what I did–it’s just plain ugly!

Oh, yeah…I’ll show you that, too! I freely admit to my mistakes!

Post xchange2

Yep–bad, bad, bad. OH–I’m sorry if that hurt your eyes!

I did manage to spend 5 minutes and glue this piece to the canvas and now it’s ready to hang. You know, I give pieces names because that’s what “artists” are supposed to do with their work. The problem is that the names are rarely so meaningful to me that I remember what those names are. I always have to write them down, put them on the label, look them up…


I think I had a title for this one, but I sure can’t remember it! Does it really matter to most people? Can I just pick a word at random and say that is the title? Does it have to feel like a clue to some deep, inner meaning?

Do you name all your pieces?

Do you have deep, inner meanings to all the work you create?


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8 thoughts on “Winter slowdown

  1. You and I are on a similar mind wave. I do name all pieces, but when I did the series of small quilts to trade, I didn’t. I love your series, the organic line as well as the leaf shape itself is graceful. It’s satisfying isn’t it to work like this?? A name is important for reasons, but if one doesn’t come to you, then it isn’t important for that piece… imho.
    LeeAnna Paylor


    • I agree about naming pieces–sometimes it just isn’t needed! I generally have a hard time working small, but I think I can get into the hang of it eventually. It is fun!


  2. I love your set of leaves, very creative variety. I always give my work a “Title” I am partial to plays on words, double meanings, and playful titles. But it does not have to have a DEEP meaning. As a lot of my stuff is just for fun, or trying a new technique. Keeping records is essential, and titles help, and nothing leaves the house without a photo.


    • Documentation and unique identifiers are the main reasons I give things a title. There are a few pieces that have a deeper meaning for me, and those titles I never forget! Most of my stuff is also just for fun or because I fell in love with a particular fabric or technique!


  3. Hi, Kathy. Beautiful postcards. This is an interesting way to play around with an idea and develop a series. I especially like your last piece. The question of titles is a good one. I find them to be important because I usually have something specific to say–it’s a way of telling the viewer how to read your work. A snappy title gets the viewer’s attention. And wishing you a happy holiday season from sunny Tunisia!
    best, nadia


    • I had great fun makin the cards, but I really prefer the fabric ones…probably just because I have more experience with fabric than with paper.

      Titles—useful but often hard to come up with!


  4. I absolutely LOVE your cards, esp. the five at bottom right, with leaves/branches. Those are so simple in design, and elegant in execution.
    Colors are terrific, as well. The “ugly” card is not all that awful, but just seems to be a mush of lackluster color mixed together with shiny threads all over it….no real elements of design to grab onto.
    We are snowed/iced in here in AR. So, it is that wonderful time for reading, short outings in the cold, and hot tea. Running short on milk, but may just have to do without until roads are less treacherous.


    • I stumbled upon the leaves and branches idea and just kept rolling with it. I like them a lot, too. And the ugly one is just ugly…

      We had a nice snuggle-in day yesterday, too and I loved it!


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