Tree Hunting Day

No studio time today because it’s tree hunting day. Some years have been very difficult during the hunting season. There have been tree farms used in the past that are no longer in business. There have been rainy and muddy places. Today we went in the middle of a snow storm and we tried a new-to-us place.

This is the sight that greeted us as we walked out into the fields.

Tree hunt 14-1

We had high hopes of success!

Mr. AJ worked and ran and played very hard before ‘helping’ saw and carry the tree to the haywagon.

Tree hunt 14-2

We were looking for trees for two households and behold—

Tree hunt 14-


We are so happy whenever we have a successful tree hunt!


4 thoughts on “Tree Hunting Day

  1. I am also allergic to Christmas trees, so we had to go the “faux” route. The pictures are gorgeous. They all look perfect from the shots. Now take a picture of the decorated tree in situ and show us!! We want to see.
    LeeAnna Paylor


    • You are the second person I’ve learned about that has that allergy. Bummer! Much as I complain about trekking out in cold weather and snow, I’m glad that our family has this tradition!


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