Done, but not ready!

Yes, the shopping is done…I think! Wrapping is not my favorite part of the process, so that is yet to be done. And I may try to make a stocking for my grandson…and maybe some Christmas place mats. Or maybe I’ll just be lazy and play with things as I feel like. It’s a nice feeling to have no pressure to do anything. I can just enjoy the season, the decorations and playing with my grandson.

I may even get some time in the studio.

Clear the decks

I will need to clear the decks a little before I attempt anything, though!

I have a project in mind, too. I am pattern testing a new bag and I haven’t even read the instructions yet. And it needs to be done right after Christmas. I need to start pulling some possible fabrics.

Pattern test

I have a bunch of these Sherrill Kahn prints that I’ve never been able to cut into. This might be the perfect project for them. Hmmm…now I’m getting excited about finding some studio time in the next two weeks. I guess I’d better get down there and get clearing those decks!!!


6 thoughts on “Done, but not ready!

  1. Oh, I have her fabrics too, not used of course! Too pretty to use, ha!
    The thing about making bags is you’ll use the pretty fabrics, but then get to actually see them every day too.
    LeeAnna Paylor


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