Stockings were hung…

Apparently, I have been neglectful of my grandson’s Christmas decorations. He has been having such a good time decorating a bit at a time when he comes over–and I’ve enjoyed this Christmas season lots more by doing it this way, too. But when it came to hanging stockings on the mantel, I did not measure up!


For many years I have used only two large stockings that I made a long time ago. Had no plans to make any more, BUT when we hung those, AJ asked where his was. Wow! I hadn’t figured that he needed one here at our house, but I guess I was wrong!

So, today I made him a stocking. Maybe you don’t make yours as simply as I do, but I just can’t be bothered with a lot of difficult processes for a decoration that will hang for just a couple of weeks a year! I use a cardboard cutout for a template (I made quite a few of these in my craft show days!) and cut two lining pieces and 1 stocking back. For the stocking front, I like to have a bit of patchwork on the top and quilt it. I trace the template once more on my front fabric, but don’t cut it out yet. The easy-peasy way add a patchwork block is to turn under the bottom edge, line it up with the top of the tracing and baste it down. Then I lay it all on top of a piece of batting and quilt it.

The simplest way to finish is to sew the tops of the lining pieces to the tops of the stocking pieces, then put right sides together and sew all around, leaving an opening for turning. I don’t trim the front quilted piece until after this step. I line up the back and front and use the back edge as my sewing guide. Clip curves, trim, turn…press it, add a hanging loop or ribbon and you’re done!

AJ's stocking 2

It took me longer to search through scrap baskets and shelves for fabric than it did to make this! But I’m happy with it and my grandson can happily point to HIS stocking now!

Whew! Another Nanna-crisis averted!

AJ's stocking 1

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