Okay–screen printing!

Partly because I am NOT good at making bags from a pattern, I volunteered to pattern test for a friend. One of the hardest parts is choosing fabric. I needed a 3/4 yard piece and a 1/2 yard piece with a yard for the lining. I wanted to shop in my stash and thought it would be super easy.

Not so much.

Lots of fabric that I’m still in love with…not too many pieces large enough because I have been buying fat quarters almost exclusively for years. Of the yard-size pieces that I have, and mostly love, love, love, I really didn’t have much that coordinates. My usual habit is to start with that piece I love and buy coordinates/solids as I go along.

After searching through every shelf, I did find some fabrics and narrowed my decision down.

Purse choice 2 Purse choice 1Purse choice 3

Notice that I could not just stick with the two fabrics required! Surely there will be a spot in the pattern where I can add another color!

I decided on the turquoise circle print, but I really wanted something other than that plain taupe. I didn’t want to use plain black and white either, there’s only a fat quarter of the greenish stripe and the other print is for the lining. I have a lot of black and white prints, but didn’t really find one I loved.

Complaining on Facebook actually garnered me a great suggestion! Lynn Krawczyk from Smudged Textiles Studio is an awesome surface design expert and she said that I should just make my own fabric. I’m not very experienced, but I’m also not afraid to experiment.

I figured out that I basically wanted a stripe, with some of the turquoise color. Hmmm…not quite ready to start from a blank piece of fabric, I picked out this as a base.

Printing B:W

and I have a screen from Lynn that is very like this same design.

Printing screen

Then I took a look at my paints and the colors on the print fabric and found that I wasn’t going to have enough of the color I thought was perfect. So what does Kathy always do? I used multiple colors!

Printing purse 2

Printing purse 1

I think it came out pretty nice, though if I were a perfectionist I’d probably be slightly unhappy. But I’m not, and this is what I’m going to use! Great suggestion–thanks, Lynn!

Printing purse 3

The taupe will probably end up as the lining rather than that other print. I’m anxious to get started now! Happy fabric choices always make a project more fun!

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14 thoughts on “Okay–screen printing!

  1. well, ain’t you clever!! There is a lot of art being made this week while I’m taking a break! Good for you Kathy! I have such a hard time using my favorite fabrics because then I use them up. So silly, especially for a tote, because you use it and get to pet them a lot!
    leeAnna Paylor


    • Yep–I’ll get to see that fabric every time I use the bag. And I think I need to make more bags ’cause I never have one that’s just the right size! Mostly I need some bigger ones–that’ll use up some fabric!

      On Fri, Dec 27, 2013 at 10:28 AM, Quirks Ltd.


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