Weather delay?

No, I have not really been delayed by our current snowstorm. Mine is actually a “whether” delay…whether to play with my grandson or sew! And you know that playing is going to win out every time!

AJ’s daycare closes between Christmas and New Year’s so we had him here for a couple of extra days after Christmas. He’s been under the weather, too, so we have him again today. There’s not nearly as much playing when he’s not feeling good, but cuddle time on the couch works well. He did manage to get in a little time with this treasure from Santa, though…

AJ crane 1

We also had everyone home from out of town and celebrated Christmas and New Year’s together. LOVE having everyone here!

Needless to say, my sewing activities have been pretty much zero. I’m very ready to get my bag finished for the pattern test, but that’s been stalled. I have the body done, but the scary part is yet to come! There is hardware involved! I’ll let you know how it goes as I get back to it. This part looks good and I’m scared of messing up the rest of it, but I shall be brave!!!

Bag body

Hope to have a healthy grandson and a finished bag by the next time!

And I just noticed that I’m coming up on 600 posts…sounds like a good enough reason for a giveaway. Have to see what’s ready to find a new home!

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10 thoughts on “Weather delay?

  1. I love the fabric you have done your bag in – I’ll be interested to see the final result. I hope your grandson is feeling better. I got here via cjs 14; it’s nice to meet you and see your artwork.


    • There are so many people on cjs14 that I don’t think I’ll ever get to see all of the blogs! Thanks for stopping by mine. CJS13 was so much fun–I’m looking forward to cjs14 very much.

      My next post will have the finished bag (minus the patternmakers proprietary details!) and my grandson is well on the mend.


    • The handles are the circular pattern fabric…following the pattern for the first run through and there is a ton of room for variation going forward! This should be a good selling pattern if every tester has had success like I have. We’ll know in a couple of weeks…then I’ll probably advertise the heck out of it!


  2. A possible place for the irresistible third fabric – next time you make the bag! – is for the binding on the pocket flap?
    Your impromptu screenprint looks terrific with the other print!


    • Ah–what the picture doesn’t show is that there is *no binding* on the pocket. It’s a design unique to the pattern, so I won’t give it away…the whole thing is basically a striped pattern, so there is plenty of room for multiple fabrics in the future!


    • Bag making seems so complicated, but the pattern I have is so easy with good step-by-step instructions. It’s my own hesitations that slow me down! Good instructions make all the difference and you never know that until you get started. It does help to read the entire thing before you start so you have a tiny idea of where you are going.


  3. I am just about as far as you are. I do have my lining cut and pockets ready to sew. I have to work again today so after that I will be able to finish this up! I like it so far! I don’t think we can mess it up from here! I am challenged though when it comes to straps and setting them up right. I just figure you can’t really hurt anything like that permanently right?


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