Snowy Sunday

It’s a wonderful snowy Sunday…only because I don’t have to leave the house until Tuesday morning! I can look out the window at the deepening snow, watch the cars going by at a slower and slower pace and just keep sewing! Love it.

Finished the bag for the pattern test and I’m so proud of myself. There were two swivel hooks and a buckle and I actually sewed them all on correctly! Usually that’s my downfall but I DID it!!! And now all we have to do is get together with the pattern maker and critique the pattern. That’s going to be fun, seeing how different the same pattern looks in all the different fabrics. Can’t wait…and then I can promote the heck out of this.

Purse test final

I am, however, very ready to move on with some projects that have looming deadlines. Maybe not “looming,” but I have things I want done, done, done.

Two quilts for my own bed come first. Hubby and I have split bedding for our king size bed because we love to wrap the blankets around ourselves. He actually called the raggedy scraps we currently have on the bed ‘disgraceful’ in a quilter’s house! And I agree 100%. Just like the shoemaker’s children go barefoot, the quilter’s beds sometimes are bare. That will be remedied before bedtime tonight! (I’ll add pics before I post this.)

Bed quilt 1

Bed quilt 2

Then I have 2 projects for an online group to which I belong. They are both all planned out in my head. I’ve just needed the time to get them sewn and THAT deadline is screaming towards me!!! Snowed in tomorrow will give me a great hunk of time to get started.

I’m going to try some more screen printing and some stenciling, some bobbin work and some couching and maybe just a bead or two here and there! I’m excited about these two pieces, but first………….get the binding on those bed quilts NOW!


8 thoughts on “Snowy Sunday

  1. What cars? We are up to 13 inches! Am spending my time machine embroidering some sweatshirts. The bag came out well and both your quilts are really nice.


  2. My bag is done too. Just one more embellishment that needs to be done. I can’t wait for next Saturday either. The reveal is always grand.


  3. He he he. Everything I had to do this week is canceled because of the snow storm. Don’t have to leave the house until Friday. So many projects waiting for me. Love the purse, by the way.


    • Ooooh…lucky you! Wish I could have everything cancelled, but there is still grandson care to be done. His parents don’t get to skip work! I should be able to get quite a bit done during tomorrow’s snow day, though.


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