WordPress keeps track of how many posts I make and this one will be number 600. Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? There are many people who have been blogging longer than I have, who have a more commercial presentation or more glamorous…I blog to show my art work, some of my processes, sometimes my family, my experiments, good or bad. It’s a personal journal, really.

In that spirit, and to honor that mini-milestone, I want to give away a piece of my art. Yes, I have tons of fabric that I could give away or tons of other things that are the epitome of ‘one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.’ But I want to give something to someone who actually wants it. If that’s you, you only need to leave a comment and I’ll select a winner this weekend.

Here’s what I’m sharing…

Tympani 1

Tympani 5 x 20 Cotton, fused and stitched

It’s a very unusual size– 5 X 20, so it’s ready to nestle into a small space. If this is something you would like, tell me!

This will be linked to Off the Wall Friday also, so be sure to check out all those linked blogs…great stuff!

21 thoughts on “Mini-Milestone

  1. I recently “discovered” you. Got Breaking Rules book yesterday from Amazon and can’t wait to get started. I have only been quilting since Feb. of 2013 and none of the traditional quilts have appealed to me. Your are perfect!! LOVE!


  2. Great job Kathy. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog (and your book). Funny, witty and insightful at the same time.


    • There’s probably a stat marker somewhere with the number of words, but I usually use two or more words where one is enough! Writing posts is easy for me…must be the Irish blarney part of me!


  3. Congratulations in your 600th post, Kathy. I love your blog and always find it fun and full of helpful ideas – it’s a feast for the senses. Keep ‘me coming!


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