Lunch at Linda’s

Today I found out why I volunteered to be a pattern tester. We got together at Linda’s house to go over all the pattern directions and our individual issues and suggestions. That took quite a while and was very enlightening for me, as I have never tested someone else’s pattern before. It’s a wonderful process, when done as thoroughly as Linda does.

We got a little tour of her studio—totally unreal! It was immaculately clean, well organized and with beautiful displays. I just know that it doesn’t look like that all the time. If I thought it did, I’d have to just give my studio space up as a lost cause! It was actually very inspiring.

THEN we had lunch…and it wasn’t just a bowl of chili and a dinner roll! Linda’s husband John seems to be a gourmet chef in his spare time. We had this for a first course

Lunch at Linda's

and after that, my camera didn’t make it out…I can’t begin to describe what each thing is, but there was blue cheese, carmelized onions, dates, salmon, sausage. Ooo la la–fancy and sooooooo delicious.

THEN we had parsnip and apple soup—more deliciousness!

THEN there was a marvelous salad with mushrooms and onions and lettuce and fried goat cheese and…and…and…

THEN we had dessert………something chocolate and fancy or cheesecake. Or, as most of the ladies said…just a little slice of each!

It was so wonderful to have such a marvelous meal and all I did was make a bag! I absolutely cannot wait for Linda to have a new pattern that needs testing. I will be first in line to do that, just so I can enjoy another lovely meal.

Oh, did I neglect to mention that it was a delightful group of women, lots of great conversation and just a perfect way to spend a Saturday? Well, it was!