Almost autumn

No, I don’t have my seasons confused. I just mean that my autumn leaves piece is almost finished. I was able to get things pinned in place and won’t need the collaged background piece for the construction.

Play 8

I only need to decide how I’m going to attach the pieces to each other. I’m thinking invisible thread, though I really hate the stuff. There is no common thread throughout the piece that would be negligibly visible and hand stitching just won’t work. Not a major problem, but it’s making me pause right now.

Here’s the scoop on what the project is part of. Karen Musgrave came up with the idea of getting a group together, setting themes and creating works for exhibit. The overall group is Crossing the Line: Artists at Work and here’s our official description.

Crossing the Line: Artists at Work is a group of fiber artists who believe that art has the power to transform thinking and inspire people to act. We are committed to creating art that deals with women and social issues for exhibition. Our first  themes were Art Can’t Hurt You, Women Who Broke All the Rules and Rewriting Art History. Official titles may change as exhibits are scheduled. Upcoming is 20 Quilts That Can Change Your Life, which is based on picking a word. I chose Play and I will also be doing Read, due to membership changes.

Karen has worked so hard to get exhibition opportunities for us and we have kept quiet about this so far. However, some progress is starting to be made and we think we need to talk it up a bit. We are trying to create exhibits that will be meaningful and “artful.” Hope we are successful, but it has been a good experience for me in any event. Makes me more thoughtful about what I am doing.

Now to start on Read…


6 thoughts on “Almost autumn

  1. This is so exciting that you will be part of such a prestigious group. Really like the piece you are doing. Where will pieces be displayed?


    • Invisible thread–several varieties–did not work at all in my machine. Which was just as well, because I hate the look of it! I ended up using a light gold color of Bottom Line and it turned out quite well.


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