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I’m so clever…

Well, I feel clever for finding a solution to my design issue. I’m making good progress on my next project for my end of January deadline, but I wanted to have more texture on my background…but nothing obvious…not more stamping or printing…maybe quilting…no time for hand stitching…hmmmm!?

The piece is about reading, so writing was the obvious answer. I thought of the stacked journaling that Judi Hurwitt does, but doing it her way was not going to work for my project. And I didn’t really want to write anything that anyone could actually read. And I didn’t want it quilted in, because I didn’t want to have a binding finish or even the hand sewing that a facing brings. So, I scoured my shelves and drawers and found the perfect solution. I had a large piece of DecorBond interfacing. I fused it to the back of the background piece, turned the piece over and wrote out a few thoughts about reading. Then I free motion stitched the words, running them all together and not worrying a bit about the quality or legibility of the writing…because it’s backwards when seen on the front of the piece!

Read bkgd 2

This is a close-up of what it looks like on the front. Not readable but kind of obviously writing. There are more pieces that will go on top of this and there will be quilting before the piece is done.

Read bkgd 3

It’s quite subtle when seen from any distance at all, but it gave that extra layer of texture that I was looking for.

Read bkgd 1

Whenever you find a solution that fits into your design idea, it’s a good day. And that’s why I feel so clever!

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18 thoughts on “I’m so clever…

  1. I really like this. Lovely piece from the front, but I especially like the back where the text/writing is more visible. Very clever indeed!
    best, nadia


    1. None of that back is visible on the finished piece, which makes it so much easier to write anything at all! I will definitely be doing more of this.


  2. I love text on art! You figured out a solution!! Letting the text shadow through is a burst of creativity. How does Decor bond quilt? Any gummy ness on threads?? LeeAnna Paylor


    1. Decor Bond is a good medium weight stabilizer and I didn’t have any gumminess. I have never actually had gumminess problems with any of the fusibles I’ve used, nor the spray basting. The only “trick” I use is to let the spray basting dry, usually overnight, and to let the fusible totally cool before I do any stitching. And always—new project, new needle!


    1. I want to pursue it just to get better at it. My andwriting is terrible to start with, but zi’d like my stitched writing to be a little smoother…and I’m liking the look of it!


  3. Really great quilt! Love the texture and feel. As a librarian, this really speaks to me! Is this for you exhibit?


    1. One of the prints in the piece is a newsprint type fabric! As long as the overall feeling of reading and writing is coming through, I’m happy.

      On Thu, Jan 23, 2014 at 10:40 AM, Quirks Ltd.


  4. Way to save the day! Great idea and it could be used for many different things in many different ways. Thanks for sharing it with us!


    1. I hope to get good at it—not so shaky–and be able to use it where it might really show, like with a contrasting thread! But my handwriting has never been good, so I don’t know if it can get any better writing with thread!


    1. I definitely want to use it some more, but it’s another thing that needs more practice! You are very welcome to ‘steal’ the idea–I’m sure it’s been done by someone else, somewhere!


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