And on to playing with wool…

You may remember that back in the summer I purchased wool from an estate and I’ve done a bit of dyeing and felting of it. You can see some of my results here and here. I haven’t had time since then to play with it but I took a bit of time today.

My felting machine got the dust brushed off of it, too, and I felted a couple of small pieces of the wool together as a start. Now I’m in the design stage…play a little, look a little, try to figure out the best next step. All the decision making steps that are the slow part of design work.

I also need a lot of advice on working with wool. My last experience with it was making a dress when I was 16 years old. I haven’t sewn with it since!

Take a look at what I’m playing with and give me your opinion.

Wool play 1

Squares felted together on the machine and now I’m looking at choices for the start of embellishment. Hand stitching and beads to be added, but do I want these, or…

Wool play 2

…or  does it look better this way?

Wool play 3

And since I don’t make those decisions quickly, I started on this one.

Wool play 4

The yarn colors don’t really show up as brightly as they did in the camera flash! A river of beads is planned for this one.

And gold and shiny always work, right?

Wool play 5

Lots of linear repetition, but most of the rest of it will probably be in black, with small black beads surrounding the large ones. Maybe some lines of beads, too, and I have plenty of black AND gold beads!

My main hesitation is if all the stitching and beads needs to have some stabilizer backing up the wool. Not sure yet and I’m taking all advice!


6 thoughts on “And on to playing with wool…

  1. My only suggestion is that when you group buttons, make sure that they are not all the same size. Shapes and color can differ, but make sure that one is bigger than the other in mass. One larger is balanced out by two smaller. You get the idea.


    • I was going with the color and thought the repetition was necessary. I have others in the same type but other sizes and colors. I’ll try those and see if that looks better. Thanks for the suggestion–I’m always open to trying other options!


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