Adding to the wool

It’s so much fun to start pulling beads for pieces. I get to look at everything again and I just love all the shiny, pretty stuff I’ve collected. The hard part is eliminating what really doesn’t work and getting down to a workable plan. When I have ‘featured beads’ I have to be careful not to overwhelm them with too much other embellishment.

Changed my featured beads on the first piece. This is what I’m going with…it’s so hard to make a decision and stick to it, when there are sooooooo many choices!

Wool play 6

The orientation may change. I think I like the darker blue on the top, but that’s a later decision. These are the beads I selected. Each ‘button’ will be caged in a circle of beads and there may or may not be lines of beads out to the edges. The beads at the top are just extras right now that happen to go with all the rest of it. They may or may not make it into the piece.

Wool play 8

There will also be some simple stitching through the piece with floss that matches the central squares. That’s the plan for now, anyway!

The black and gold piece is a puzzle right now. I do not have beads that are neutral, which I think I need for the feature beads to stay as the feature. I have plenty of black and there will be stitching with black floss, but that’s as far as the plan has gone. I (gasp! surprise!) need more beads!!!

Wool play 9

On the last piece I showed you the other day, it’s like a bead party! Almost anything goes! I’m going to continue the river that I see with lots and lots of beads on this one. Maybe not much stitching.

Wool play 10

The beads on the top/right are pretty iffy candidates right now. I’m liking the darker palette and I have some larger, fancier crystals not shown here that I’m thinking might work well. I’m most eager to start with this one, but in the interest of no more UFO’s, I think I’ll save it for last as a reward to myself for finishing the others! It’s pretty sad when you have to psych yourself out to finish your work!

Woo-hooo! Wool and beads! Hooray!!!!


One thought on “Adding to the wool

  1. You are on the right track. Two things to remember. It isn’t as important, how many elements you have, as it is to get a good design. Balance and positioning is the key. Also, don’t place your buttons equal distance from each other. You don’t want a checker board approach. Keep working, this is how you learn design. Good job.


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