Another wool idea

This picture of a wool project has been haunting my brain for several months. I can’t get rid of it and I can’t quite work on it. Here’s the basic design idea

Wool play 13

And these fun sequins and beads will be the embellishments.

Wool play 11

My usual working method is to grab fabric, start cutting, work a bit, say “oh shit I can’t believe I did that” and then try to fix it. Can’t quite hit this one that way.

It’s not that I don’t have enough wool. I have puh-lenty of that! It’s just that I feel this needs a bit more precision and I need a bit more knowledge of working with wool before I want to jump into it.

All of this wool is quite soft–not really the firm, thick felted wool that I imagined felted wool to be. So, I’m going to  work on those smaller pieces first and see how those go without any stabilizer or interfacing. Then I’m make my decision about this one.

But it’s been in my head for so long, I’m quite eager to start on it.

I feel confident in saying that I can’t imagine ever running out of projects or ideas. Yay!


14 thoughts on “Another wool idea

    • Make one square and check things out? Pre-plan? Practice? That’s not me at all! I’ll just go for it and if it’s messed up I’ll just have to figure out a way to fix it! But I truly think this one will work out just as I want it to, because I’m keeping it simple instead of complicated!


  1. If the beads are plastic and light it should not be a problem, but heavier glass beads might need a stabilizer. it’s not about the wool, but the weight of the beads. Love your bright colors, go for it!


    • No, I’m using good beads on these, although a couple of my cabs are resin and light. I think the lightweight stabilizer was a good idea, though. I’m no longer concerned at all about the weight of the beads.


  2. wonder what’s holding you back. First of all it’s good the way you’ve done it and I’ve seen your embellishment magic so.,.. it doesn’t need to be anything different technique wise than you already do. The wool, soft or not will stick to itself and be stabilized by the batting and stitches. Really. Just try it. Then show us and we’ll be awestruck as usual.
    Leeanna Paylor


    • Really, the only thing holding me back is wanting to feel comfortable with wool again. That, and the fact that I did not bring it to Florida with me!! But it’s laid out and ready as soon as I get back.


    • I’m sure I will just attack it, but I wanted to work with some small wool projects first, just to get more comfortable with wool again. I’m really liking the wool so far, too!


    • I really didn’t even think of wonky squares for this one…strange! I see this one as totally straight and precise and layered and appliqued and embellished. Straight and precise–so unlike me!


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