Projects beginning

When I picked up my little wool projects to get started, I just felt that the wool was soft and needed a bit more support before I could stitch and bead. My normal Sew Lazy Stiff Stuff was just too heavy. I went to my drawer of interfacing ‘stuff’ and found a big hunk of Decor Bond—perfect! Lightweight and fusible. One of the 3 little projects is very thick, recycled woolen sweater, so it won’t need any stabilizing, but the others do.

This is the beginning…

Wool project FL2

The topmost squares are purchased wool squares that are supposed to be felted, but the weave is still very loose on them. I attempted to felt them into the background. It worked, but not very well. Enough to keep them in place for sewing, but I’m not sure I’m sold on those raw edges. Fusing them to the background might have been a better solution, but that’s an experiment yet to come.

I’m trying to re-learn all the embroidery stitches I knew a century ago…glad there is a lot of info available ’cause I’m pretty rough!

Wool project FL3

Got a few beads thrown on, so it’s a good start to the day.

And it’s so good to get out and walk without the hat and mittens and scarf and boots. Here’s what caught my eye–azaleas started to bloom and some unknown to me plant that’s really beautiful.

Feb flowers2

Feb flower1

Nice day!


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