I love small projects!

So quickly done, even with beads…I’ve managed to make something that did not take months to complete. Or almost complete! I still have to decide on an edge finish and get it mounted on a canvas, but that’s easy!

This is where I started today

Wool FL3

and this is what I am calling the finished project.

Wool FL4

I could continue to add and add and add stitching and beads, but I’m feeling like this tells a complete story–plot subject to personal interpretations, of course!

I’m going to spend some lazy time now, reading a book and doing nothing! That’s what vacations are for, right? But I do have a couple other projects waiting and gently calling my name…


4 thoughts on “I love small projects!

  1. Ya know what I say about pieces like that is that it only took you 20 years (or however long you’ve been doing this) and 3 days to do that project! I agree with everything Judy said above.


    • I’m so happy that the learning curve with beading was/is quite short. I have a lot to learn yet, but I can still get a lot done while I learn. And short projects are just right now!


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