Wool? Not so much…

This project started out as an experiment in using my felted wool. Right now it’s not so much about the wool any more. It has morphed into a project about the beads!

The bead store is always one of my favorite spots and today did not disappoint. Many of the beads that I left at home would have been perfect for this project. Too bad, so sad—I got more!

Wool3 3

A few more bright ones, a bit more purple and blue to go into the project. And then I saw these!

Wool3 1

Part rough, part polished, beautiful iridescence. I couldn’t resist and I think they go perfectly with the yarn and wool and shine of the other beads.

I ‘basted’ them in place and I’ll decide how to incorporate them as I go along.

Wool3 2

This project is slowing down dramatically. Instead of just a few beads here and there, I’m adding lots and lots of beads. I wanted a quick project, but that’s just not gonna happen with this one. It got more complicated all by itself, but I’m not doing anything to prevent it. I like lots of beads and I guess I don’t mind spending the time putting them on.

It may be a while before I have anything more to tell you about this one…just one bead after another, over and over! I do so love it!


4 thoughts on “Wool? Not so much…

    • Thanks…I’m into the slow progress stage now, so all the pictures would look the same—until, suddenly, it seems like there’s a ton done! I’ll keep plugging away and showing what I’ve done!


  1. For some reason I just love the look of wool and beads. I guess it is because wool has so much texture and the beads are smooth. Or maybe it is the color changes in wool that make it so appealing. Anyway, I think this will be a very enjoyable project for you. It would be for me.


    • I’m definitely enjoying this project. I think it is about the texture and contrast now. The wool has so much more body than my normal cotton–it just feels so luxurious. Looking forward to doing much more with it!


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