Making it up…

My projects are generally NOT pre-planned. I may let the fabric dictate my direction or the piece may direct me as I go along. The current beading project is being very bossy and telling me what it wants in no uncertain terms!

My thought was to put on a few beads, but no….not what this one wanted. I’ve been plugging away at it and it seems like slow going. And then I come back to it after a break and I’m surprised at how much I’ve actually accomplished!

Wool FL 26

My lines are starting to flow and my areas are starting to fill in. There was an area that just continued to bother me and I resisted the idea of taking the beads off and re-doing it. If you look where the arrow is pointing, you will see that the center stone is surrounded by a line of beads.

Wool FL 25

I really did not like the way it looked. I wanted to see the stone as a focal point, not all the beads around it. So, I gave in and undid the beading and rebeaded enough to hold the stone on the fabric.

Wool FL 27

I’m much happier with the way it looks and the stone has stopped shouting at me. It’s being the quiet center of attention that I wanted it to be.

There are still a lot of empty spots left on this small piece. It’s hard to believe just how many beads it can take to adequately work for a smaller than 12″ piece. But I do love it and I’ll keep at it until it tells me I’m done!

I’m linking this to Off the Wall Friday. Lots of good blogs link up there, so please check it out!

6 thoughts on “Making it up…

  1. I prefer the floating bead, and know you are happier having done the work to remove the beads around it. Much more dynamic. If you are enjoying the process, then it will turn out “right” as you work intuitively. Wouldn’t it just drain the fun out of it to plan?? We pay the price for not planning sometimes but more times than not, it works and most viewers can’t imagine it would have looked any other way! You create such a sense of abundance on your work.
    LeeAnna Paylor


  2. Judy has a good point… can be a challenge to incorporate/blend a focal bead into the overall design and yet keep it the main subject. I’ll be interested to see the finished piece.


    • The focal bead is rapidly being overwhelmed on this piece. I’m not going to un-bead what I’ve done. I’m just going to use it as a lesson in unplanned design…NOT always the way to go. The piece continues to look good to me overall; it just will not have as strong a focal point as I had expected.


  3. Next time you are practicing, if you want to accent your focal point bead, put a line of solid black beads around it. It will make the bead pop. Try it out on a practice piece. I use this kind of trick all the time. I put a thin line of black around my focus piece.


    • Oh, I knew this one was not right even as I was doing it! I do like the idea of a subtle black line around the focal bead, and that would have been much better. It’s fine as is, or I may decide to do that here yet. We’ll see how it goes! Thanks for your input.

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