Carpet Inspiration

This is the second time that I can remember being inspired by hotel carpeting. I didn’t realize that I had actually made a piece based on my first inspiration until it happened again.

Here is the first carpet inspiration:

Carpet inspirations IL 2 Carpet inspirations IL 1

Not great color or clarity, but here is the result–and it really doesn’t look like the inspiration, either. I just know in my mind how they are connected.

Carpet Inspiration 1

And here are a bunch of pics of my latest inspiration:

I’m not sure what will come of it, exactly, but I’m seeing lime green lines, stripes crossing over things, leaves and flowers and a very light background, rather than the dark blue of the carpet. There may very well be some screen printing and stenciling, too. It could take a while until it all comes together in my head, but the idea and inspiration are planted deep into my brain now.

And that’s how I get some of my inspiration…you just never know when or where it’s gonna strike!


4 thoughts on “Carpet Inspiration

  1. I love hotel inspirations. I have a sketch book full of patterns I pick up from the drapes. I have pictures of carpets too. I loved the carpet in the Holiday Inn where we stayed for the QU last year. Kind of like your leaf one a bit. Pictures of that somewhere too! The other thing I sketch or photograph are the glass partitions at restaurants. Lots of good stuff there too!


    • Sometimes I feel guilty grabbing design ideas off the products of others, but I’m not copying the products. It’s just inspiration from the world around me…maybe a love and appreciation of the beauty put ‘out there’ by those anonymous industrial designers that don’t get much acknowledgement of what they do. Beauty IS all around us!


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