I’m finding out what I DON’T want in my needlefelting experiments!

I grabbed some more squares of maybe-felted wool and layered them on a nice for-sure felted wool piece. Then I started needlefelting them, paying attention to how things looked and felt with the different thicknesses in the layers. It looked okay and the pieces looked good together.

Then I flipped it over and felted from the back side. I didn’t get any pictures–I was just doing it! Not as happy with it because of the background color coming through. It was expected, of course, because that’s how felting works, but it wasn’t even and I didn’t like it. I tried to even it out with more felting, but it just wasn’t too good.

Another suggestion was to add roving bits around the edges and try felting those in. Awful!

Wool needlefelting 4

And it’s not like I didn’t have the same colors of roving as the wool I was using! The white was added over the dingy white that resulted from felting from the backside. And from another suggestion, I next wet felted the whole thing with a bit of bubble wrap.

Wool needlefelting5

Maybe what I really want is just to use needlefelting as a basting technique.

And maybe my next experiments will be only with thicker, firmer wool that has been thoroughly felted.

Maybe I need to be fusing wool pieces together, but the thought of fusing that nice, soft wool just does not appeal to me, even for experimenting. Lots of other options to try first, I believe.

And maybe I’ll just start putting pieces of wool together without any needlefelting so that the picture in my head that’s haunting me will start to go away!!!


5 thoughts on “Needlefelting–not!

    • I hav a project in mind using some wonderful, bright felted wool. I thought I wanted it needlefelted together, then some couching, maybe some embroidery and definitely some beading. It can be done without the needlefelting, but I wanted to play with that technique. I will still play, but I’ll probably go ahead with my project idea without the needlefelting.


    • It’s such a coincidence that she posted this as I started playing again! I did read this and follow her blog and now I’m all ready to throw anything at the needlefelter. And all I really intended was to play with the tons of wool that I have! Too much fun!


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