Wool project–moving ahead

Needlefelting is being set aside for a bit. I have a project with wool that has been rolling around my brain for a while and won’t go away. It just can’t wait for me to experiment my way to making new techniques my own. The details are becoming clearer and clearer in my head and the piece must become a reality.

One detail that is eluding me, however, is which background I want to use! Colors are not showing perfectly accurately on my monitor, so I’m not sure they will on yours either!

I started out with this dark, dark, purple.

Wool project 2

This is what I showed quite a while ago, when I first started with this idea.

And then I thought I’d try this very dark brown.

Wool squares 1

It seems to dull things down, rather than set the squares off well.

And I love this plaid, but I’m afraid it might be too busy by the time I add couching and circles and most likely some beads…and do I want to try and keep the plaid lines straight or on the bias and wonky?

Wool project 3

So, there’s not a whole lot I can do until I make a final decision. And I am sooooo bad at making a final decision. And guess what? I have enough of this wool to make one of these with EACH background! I must be nuts to have such a hard time making a decision.

I guess I’ll take another look at them in the morning and just go with my gut. That’s most often worked for me just fine–why change now?

(…and I have more wool!!!)

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