Okay–so I lied!

I did truly believe that my latest wool project would be a slow one, that I would pick up and work on in odd moments and finish in a few months. I was very wrong.

My quilt guild has a speaker and two workshops every other month and I’m the program chair. I couldn’t get a workshop volunteer this month so I had two days with the option of doing any number of things. I live just far enough away that I can’t run home, back to provide lunch to the teacher, home again and back to close up, so I stay all day. I was going to be good and do my taxes, but I picked up the wool project, the beads and sequins and took them along.

Carol Loessel was the teacher and her workshop generated this pile of little shreds, with some bright colors.

Wool squares 13

She took a walk over to look at my work and dropped a few shreds on it.

Wool squares 14

I really, really liked it. I had thought about using my silk shreds, but they were too much. Well, this is why…they were too big! The tiny pieces just added a lot of spark to the project.

Wool squares 15

I spread some more around and thought about it some more. I didn’t sew them down on Friday, but I thought about them until Sunday, day two of her workshops. I added some of my silk, cut smaller. Then I started sewing.

Wool squares 16

The majority of the initial beading was done on Friday and it was fun to start adding this detail.

Wool squares 17

Shreds and random beads…

Wool squares 18

And more shreds and random beads…

Wool squares 19

And more shreds and random beads…

It’s not done yet, but it is so much closer after all the sewing time I had this weekend. And without Carol casually dropping some bits of cotton color onto the wool, I wouldn’t have had nearly the contrast and depth I’m getting now. And if I decide that it’s still a bit too much or that I put it on a bit heavy, all I have to do is snip some of it away. I need to put it on the design wall and decide that kind of stuff–later!

Since I wasn’t good and didn’t do my tax stuff this weekend, I may have to hide the beads for a few days and get the necessary stuff done. But I’m so happy with the blend of materials–wool, cotton, silk, beads–that I can hardly wait to get back to it.

Hooray for happy accidents and teachers with a good eye!


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    • It’s coming along so quickly and I’m really having fun with it. Can’t wait for it to be done, but I don’t want such a fun project to be over with!


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