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Where do you stop? How far over the top do you go? IS there a perfect balance? Those are the questions that accompany the last stages of any project, and especially this one. My work is always heavily embellished in some way. It could be with stitch, with beads, with couching…and it’s always a struggle to know where to draw the line and call it done!

I think this one is done, but I have questions about a couple of areas. Here it is with the edges pinned under so I can really tell the finished size.

Wool squares 21

My areas of concern are the left edge and the bottom. Do I need more ‘stuff’ on the bottom left and do I need to crop it just a touch closer on the left edge?

Wool squares 22

Should I perhaps have some more shreds along the bottom? Or have a couple of spots of beaded fringe hanging off the edge?

Wool squares 23

Please let me know what you think! I often get caught in a “what if” loop at this point and can’t quite move forward. I think it’s because the decisions are really final and the project will be over!

Can you believe that this project came from this initial idea?

Wool play 13

Doesn’t quite look like that now, does it?


10 thoughts on “Design details

  1. hmmm, hard to tell on a photo. No dimension. It is evenly busy… so crop it so it isn’t. Or fringe on the bottom to elongate. Oh, once again I wish we were closer so I could see it in person!! The details are exciting, but there’s no where to pause. Know what I mean? What’s the title? Does it look like it did in your head? Are YOU happy?


    • Having a definite focal point has always been a problem for me–hence, evenly busy! In an effort to have the eye follow around the whole piece, I end up with no resting place. It doesn’t look anything like I imagined when I started and I’m not sure where I need to go to find the correct stopping point. Wish we did live closer together…I’d love an in-person critique!


  2. Cool piece. I wouldn’t presume to give anyone advice (don’t know what I’m saying–I give everybody advice, just ask my daughter!), but it depends on what kind of balance you’re looking for. What if you want it to be floating up, or what if you turned it upside down or sideways? So many possibilities.
    best, nadia


    • I usually do turn things every which way before I decide, but this one has always had a specific orientation to me. I never thought about ‘floating up’, so thanks for giving me another viewpoint to consider.


  3. I agree with Judy that the lower center and left needs something. That green ball is just sitting there all by itself and looks very lonely.


    • Ahh–more weight to the bottom! That’s what I was searching for…that will make for a better balance. Thanks.

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