Flip it, turn it, twist it!

A comment from Nadia yesterday turned my head in a new direction. I almost always look at each of my projects from every direction before I decide on an orientation for the work. On this latest project, I put on the blinders because I had decided from the beginning which way was up. Duh! It’s an abstract…that could change at the drop of a…a…bead!

This piece took a little spin on the orientation dial and I’m thinking down might now be up!

Wool squares 21

Wool squares 24

It still needs a bit in the upper right (now), and it can still have beaded fringe if I want. My shreds have some unsecured ends that were hanging down and that would now need to be stitched, but that’s easy. I’m really liking this better now.

Thanks, Nadia, for reminding me to take the blinders off and look at everything from every direction!


5 thoughts on “Flip it, turn it, twist it!

    • I can’t believe I forgot the most basic thing I do for every other piece. Shows how important it is to keep an open mind all the way through a project!


  1. I’m so much happier with this turned upside down. Turning things is so basic to how I usually work and I completely forgot to do it! This is so much better all around thanks to the input of others. Thank you all!


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