Wool is done…

This project is done, for good or bad. I’m not as in love with it as I was a week ago, but I’m still pretty happy with it. If there is somewhere else to go with it, I haven’t found it. This fringe is what I ended up with.

Wool fringe 3

A couple of details:

Wool squares fringe 2

Wool squares fringe 1

And the finished piece:

Wool squares done

My original title for this was Full Moon, High Tide. Don’t know if that will stick or not, but I enjoyed working with the wool and I’ll be trying something else with it soon.

I’m linking this to Off the Wall Friday, and you can look back over the last few posts to see how this was created if you are interested in how people process ideas!


8 thoughts on “Wool is done…

  1. This was a difficult composition. A lot of texture and a lot of shapes and a lot of color. But it is a whimsical piece, so you don’t have to get all bent out of shape. Just have fun.


    • Sharing the process so you see that you can never tell where your next idea or next step will come from. And don’t be afraid to jump on it when a suggestion is just right!


    • Not at ALL what I expected, but it’s like most of my pieces–they tell me what to do and go where they want!

      On Wed, Mar 19, 2014 at 10:41 PM, Quirks Ltd. wrote:



  2. So joyful! I have to say I wondered where you were going with it, but I love the finished piece. It’s just a delight!


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