Taking Advantage

My guild, the Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild, makes quilts for Safehouse, a domestic violence shelter. We also have a quilt “raffle” to raise funds for donation. “Raffle” is a whole other story due to some strange rules and regulations here in MI–so we don’t sell tickets, we just accept donations and draw names. Anyway….

We received a lovely donation quilt that was unfinished…already had batting, backing, was basted and the quilting was started. Anonymous. Just needs to be finished and we thought it was perfect for one of our raffle quilts. I volunteered to finish it and I’m enjoying it immensely.

Guild raffle3

This much quilting was already done–4 or 5 flowers. Very easy to continue in the same style.

Guild raffle2

And the overall design is just so lovely. Perfect antidote to this lingering winter weather. However

One of my idiosyncracies is that I’m not crazy about purple. There are several colors of purple flowers in this piece and I just didn’t have the right color thread! The border is even a very dark blue-purple. So time out to buy thread and then I’ll be back at it. It is a very pretty little quilt and I’m so pleased that someone fell out of love with it. Our charity will greatly benefit from it!

Guild raffle 1

It’s fun to quilt and I’ll post a picture again when I get it finished. There is another delay today, though, as we have more sick time with the grandson. Poor little guy does not feel at all well.

More soon!

It never ocurred to me that non-local people might want a chance at this–until someone did!!! If you seriously want a chance at it, checks should be made to Safehouse and mailed to
Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild (GAAQG)
P.O. Box 131272
Ann Arbor, MI   48113-1272

And it’s only one of three available. Thanks!

Linking up to Off the Wall Friday. Love all the blogs that link in–lots of good stuff to see!


12 thoughts on “Taking Advantage

  1. Thank you Kathy for commenting on my blog, I put on links to your January and November posts about your groups project with the geometric pieces, they do look very much the same as ours. Let me know when your group has some finished pieces to see, I’d like to show our artists what you made from them. AMY


    • I always have a shortage of thread and just did not have appropriate colors for the purple to look good. I don’t keep a large stock of thread on hand. I prefer to buy what I need by the project. NOT what I do where fabrics are concerned…just thread!


    • It’s a beautiful little quilt and it’s one of three that we are raffling! If you seriously want a chance at it, checks should be made to Safehouse and mailed to Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild (GAAQG) P.O. Box 131272 Ann Arbor, MI 48113-1272

      I will amend my post to include this info. It never ocurred to me that anyone non-local would consider a gift toward this. Thanks in advance!


  2. That is an awesomely beautiful quilt!! So happy to know that I will be “purchasing” chances on it to help Safe House.


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