Am I Obsessive?

Maybe just a little bit nuts? I have this cotton/rayon yarn that I started knitting into a shawl. It didn’t look very good, so I quit knitting with about 2 skeins of the yarn to go. It sat around in the bin for months and then I got the idea to make a new sweater for my grandson.

Yarn 1

But cotton/rayon yarn is going to shrink, right?

So, do I make the sweater too big and hope that it shrinks in the right places?

No, I think it would be better to pre-shrink the yarn so the sweater can be washer and dryer clothing.

So, do I shrink it all unraveled and wound into skeins? I don’t think so…I think I’ll just keep knitting the shawl until I use up all the yarn and THEN do the shrinking.

‘Cause if I do it any other way it won’t all shrink up the same, right?

It feels crazy to knit this all up just to unknit it and use the yarn for another project. It also feels crazy to do it any other way. Wow! I’m such a nutcase!

And THEN…off-white yarn for a kids sweater? Noooooooo….it needs to be dyed. Shall I dye it while still in the shawl shape or after I make the sweater? Hmmm….


4 thoughts on “Am I Obsessive?

  1. Let’s not use the “obsessive” word, but call your method of decision making “attention to detail!” Hope this all works out for you. My efforts in knitting did not go so well….wool sweater that was gorgeous, but too big…and I shrunk it….well, you know what I got….”felted” wool. Ugh!


    • The knitting part is easy. I think the ‘attention to detail’ I need is definitely to pre-shrink the yarn! Right now I’m just too selfish with my time to have to knit it and then give it to someone else!


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