My 4 x 4’s

I got started on my 4 x 4 pieces a couple of days ago and then I got sidetracked…life does happen!

These 3 are the first ones I’ve finished. The pictures don’t show that they are mounted on those 4 x 4 canvases, which gives them quite a bit of presence. I’m liking them quite a bit, though it’s hard for me to work this small!

This contains bits of wool, hand stitching with embroidery floss and beads.

4 x 4 4


Plain black wool, hand stitching with variegated floss and beads.


4 x 4 2

Hand dyed cotton and floss, beads.

4 x 4 1

I have four more partially completed that will all have a similar look and could be shown grouped together.

4 x 4 5

Simple cotton backgrounds, with some stitching and beads. Here’s a close up of the most colorful.

4 x 4 6

Conclusion: for me, 4 x 4 is too small, but I’m so happy I got to use up the supply of canvases. I like the smaller, square format, but I think 6 x 6 is the smallest I will do in the future. I’ve done 12 x 12 and that’s great, but I believe I need to try 8 and 10″ sizes also. This is a great way to play with some of those unique beads that I’ve collected. All told–keep doing what I’m doing. Not tired of it, by a long shot!

I’ll be linking this to Off the Wall Friday—lots to check out at that site!


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